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Privacy Policy

1.) Accuracy and Currency of Information
OpenCC strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information. However, due to the dynamic nature of climate and business studies, it is essential for instructors and users to verify the currency and relevance of the content. OpenCC encourages instructors to supplement the syllabi with the latest research, policy developments, and emerging trends in the field. In addition, on going contributions by users will improve the quality of materials we can collectively benefit from.

2.) Copyright and Intellectual Property
OpenCC respects copyright and intellectual property rights. Instructors and users are responsible for ensuring that all materials used in their courses comply with copyright laws and regulations. Proper attribution and citation of sources are essential when using external materials.

3.) Compliance with Institutional Policies
Instructors and users of the OpenCC platform are expected to comply with their respective institutional policies, guidelines, and regulations. OpenCC provides a framework that can be adapted to meet institutional requirements while maintaining the integrity and quality of the courses.

4.) Disclaimer
OpenCC provides educational resources and guidance, but it does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, nor suitability of the generated content. Instructors and users are responsible for independently verifying the information and adapting it to their specific needs and contexts. Users of the platform are able to export their personal data from their own account settings for compliance with GDPR policy.

By using the OpenCC platform, instructors and users agree to abide by the Privacy Policy and contribute to the creation of high-quality climate-related courses that promote understanding, critical thinking, and action on climate change. We welcome your feedback on how these Rules of Engagement can be improved.

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